Shamakhi Winery Tour

5 Hours

The Shamakhi Winery Tour at Meysari promises an enriching and sensorial experience. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a traveler seeking cultural immersion, savor the finest wines and celebrate the age-old traditions that make Meysari a distinctive destination in the heart of Azerbaijani winemaking.

Location: Meysari, Shamakhi, Azerbaijan


Embark on an enchanting exploration of the Meysari region in Shamakhi with a dedicated winery tour that combines the rich viticultural heritage of Azerbaijan with the stunning landscapes of the Caucasus. The Shamakhi Winery Tour at Meysari promises a delightful blend of wine tasting, cultural immersion, and the tranquil beauty of vine-covered hills.

Meysari Vineyards:

  • Scenic Terroir: At first begin your journey by immersing yourself in the breathtaking Meysari vineyards. Surrounded by rolling hills, the vineyards provide a picturesque backdrop for a day of wine appreciation and exploration.

Meysari Winery:

  • Authentic Winemaking: Visit the Meysari Winery, where a commitment to authentic winemaking traditions meets modern techniques. Then engage with passionate winemakers who guide you through the winemaking process, from grape harvesting to the bottling.

Azerbaijani Grape Varieties:

  • Diverse Terroir: Learn about the unique grape varieties that thrive in the Meysari region. Also gain insights into how the local terroir, with its distinct soil and climate characteristics, imparts special qualities to the grapes, shaping the flavor profile of the wines.

Wine Tasting Sessions:

  • Palate Exploration: Indulge in guided wine tasting sessions featuring a diverse range of wines. From robust reds to crisp whites, savor the flavors and aromas that reflect the essence of Meysari’s winemaking expertise.

Vineyard Walks:

  • Nature’s Bounty: Especially take walks through the vineyards, surrounded by the scent of grapes and the tranquility of the countryside. After that vineyard walks offer a serene escape and the opportunity to appreciate the meticulous care invested in cultivating quality grapes.

Cultural and Culinary Experiences:

  • Local Delicacies: Enhance your wine-tasting experience with local Azerbaijani cuisine. Following with traditional dishes add an extra layer of enjoyment, showcasing the harmonious relationship between local flavors and the wines produced at Meysari.

Wine Cellar Tour:

  • Historic Ambiance: Explore the wine cellars of Meysari, where barrels and bottles hold not just wines but also the history of winemaking in the region. Gain a historical perspective on the cellaring process and the preservation of traditions.

Arts and Crafts:

  • Cultural Enrichment: Finally immerse yourself in local arts and crafts that may be integrated into the winery experience. Discover traditional Azerbaijani craftsmanship, adding an artistic and cultural dimension to your tour.


Diri Baba  Mausoleum (Maraza Village)
Silent Lake
✅Visit grape garden & storage(Meysari Village)
✅Guided tour at the wine factory
✅Tasting 6 bottles of different wines



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What is the best month to visit Azerbaijan?

  • April – June. From April to June, the lowlands of Azerbaijan are green and flowers in complete bloom. …
  • July. If you are interested to visit the mountains then July is the perfect time of the year. …
  • October. To visit Azerbaijan, summers should be avoided as it gets extremely hot and humid.
  • January. If you want to do skiing and see snow

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Shamakhi Winery Tour

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