Guba and Khinalig tour

10 Hours

Guba and Khinalig Day Tour: A Journey Through Culture and Nature

Embark on a Single-day tours adventure from Guba to the ancient village of Khinalig, exploring the cultural gems and natural wonders that define the region.

Morning: Guba Carpet Factory Firstly visit to the Guba Carpet Factory, where the age-old art of Azerbaijani carpet weaving comes to life. Witness skilled artisans crafting intricate patterns and vibrant colors, gaining insights into the meticulous process that produces these cultural treasures.

Late Morning: Red Village Venture to the picturesque Red Village, known for its unique architecture and vibrant red-hued homes. Engage with the local community, discovering the history and traditions that have shaped this charming settlement. Also capture the essence of rural Azerbaijani life against the backdrop of the stunning Caucasus Mountains.

Lunch: Local Gastronomy Indulge in a traditional Azerbaijani lunch, savoring regional flavors that showcase the culinary richness of Guba. Especially taste local specialties and immerse yourself in the warmth of Azerbaijani hospitality.

Afternoon: Qechresh Forest Journey to the enchanting Qechresh Forest, where dense greenery and serene landscapes await. After that take a leisurely stroll through the forest, enjoying the tranquility and the melodies of nature. This natural retreat provides a perfect opportunity for relaxation and connection with the great outdoors.

Late Afternoon: Khinalig Village Continue your adventure to Khinalig, one of the highest and oldest mountain villages in the Caucasus. Explore the cobblestone streets, marvel at the stone houses, and soak in the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Engage with the locals while learning about the unique customs and cultural heritage that define life in this ancient village.

Evening: Guba Genocide Memorial Complex Conclude your day with a visit to the Guba Genocide Memorial Complex, a solemn tribute to the victims of historical tragedies. Reflect on the significance of this memorial as you pay homage to those who endured difficult times.

Last Day and Departure: Memories of Guba and Khinalig tour Finally, depart with cherished memories of the Guba Carpet Factory, Red Village, Qechresh Forest, and the ancient wonders of Khinalig. This Single-day tour encapsulates the cultural richness and natural beauty that make Guba and Khinalig a must-visit destination in Azerbaijan.


✅Guba Carpet Factory
✅Red Village
✅Mountain Jewish Museum
✅Qechresh forest
✅Guba Genocide Memorial Complex
✅Khinalig village



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What is the best month to visit Azerbaijan?

  • April – June. From April to June, the lowlands of Azerbaijan are green and flowers in complete bloom. …
  • July. If you are interested to visit the mountains then July is the perfect time of the year. …
  • October. To visit Azerbaijan, summers should be avoided as it gets extremely hot and humid.
  • January. If you want to do skiing and see snow

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You can pay by cash in USD or AZN to our driver on arrival.

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All of our cars are 2015 y.b. and newer. Depending on the destination and number of passenger we can provide Hyundai Elantra, Land Cruiser 200, Toyota Camry, Mercedes Vito and etc.

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All our drivers speak excellent English

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Guba and Khinalig tour

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